Crazy Animal!

Crazy Animal Prints---I have several different ones that I carry---There is a Rattlesnake print---a Zebra Print and some others---Very COOL----
Price:  $36.50 Includes Shipping

Awwwww---So Pretty in PINK!

Pretty in PINK---Camo and a Traditional Paisley Print with a twist---there is brown accents in this one---
Price: $36.50 Includes Shipping

Off the Beaten Path

These are certainly off the beaten path---won't see too many of these around---great neutral colors!
Price:  $36.50 Includes Shipping

Black with White Skulls--and Webs

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one---crusted in rhinestones---surely makes a statement!
Price: $36.50 Includes Shipping

Skullish Blacks---with a Dash of Color!

I Love the look of these with the skulls and purple/Pink accents---and I love the super power bling! Standard size and great to match with anything!
Price: $36.50 Includes Shipping


Red Hot Reds---oh man---one of my fav's---These are a gorgeous red---not an orange red, but a true red--they are standard size bandana's!
Price: $36.50 Includes Shipping!

The Non-Traditional Paisley Print

Non-Traditional Paisley---Comes in Hot Pink and Denim Blue as well as the colors you see here---Please specify whether you would like a cross or skull with wings or no center stone at all---These are standard size bandana's!
Price: $36.50 Includes Shipping

Traditional Paisley Print

Traditional Paisley Print is available in all sorts of colors--so if there is another color you would prefer please ask!  I LOVE to do these as the form is very functional---as you can see the rhinestones do extend out the sides so that you are blinging front and side to side---very cool---
PRICE:  $36.50 Includes Shipping


Star of India---comes in both colors you see here--manequin has the Gray accent and chair has the Blue accent---soon to add a Green accent one when it becomes available again!
Standard size bandana can be worn as a do-rag or head wrap---smothered with crystals--This is one of my most popular sellers!
PRICE:  $36.50  Includes Shipping!